In order to openly conduct fundraising activities, three EDHEC structures provide tax-efficient donations in France, in the United Kingdom and in Switzerland.


The Fonds de dotation is a structure which allows EDHEC to partially capitalise funds following the endowment model of large international universities. Hence 5% of the donations received since 2015 are capitalised. Its trustees are:

  • Delphine Bresson '86, General Manager for International Development, L'Oreal
  • Pascal Brier '85, Deputy General Manager - Groupe EVP Strategy Innovation & Solutions, Altran France
  • Roland de Demandolx '94, Managing Director, J. de Demandolx Gestion
  • Emmanuelle Guilbart '98, CEO, About Premium Content
  • Stéphane Lagut '90, Partner, EY
  • Thierry Marraud '66, Consultant, A.V. Consultants
  • Bruno de Pampelonne '81, President, Tikehau Investment Management
  • Richard Simonin '76, Company Director
  • Emmanuel Viellard '86, Vice-President & CEO, LISI Group
  • Olivier Oger, Dean Honoraire, EDHEC Business School
  • Claire Bergery-Noël, Director of the Dean’s Office, EDHEC Business School
  • Anne Zuccarelli '83, Associate Dean, EDHEC Business School
  • 1 student representative


The EDHEC UK Charitable Trust is a structure based in London that allows EDHEC alumni residing in the United Kingdom to benefit from tax deductions on their donations to EDHEC. Its trustees are:

  • Elizabeth Beroud ‘89, Partner, Beroud Consulting LTD
  • Marie-Hélène Blattman Lenoir ‘92, Director, Royal Banck of Scotland
  • Jérôme Brassart ‘2006, Manager, Perella Weinberg Partners
  • Sophie Marron ‘94, Director, Kingfisher
  • Alexis de Mones del Pujol ‘93, Portfolio Manager, Ashmore
  • Anne-Cécile Mulin ‘2006, Director, Universal Pictures International
  • Hélène Brichet '92, Director, Capital One


Founded in Spring 2017, EDHEC Giving Suisse allows alumni residing in Switzerland or in neighbouring France to benefit from tax deductions applicable to their donations to EDHEC. The office is made up of 6 administrators:

  • Myriam Allamel '08, Key Account Manager, Dyson
  • Marc Berger '08, Co-Founder & Director Customer Relationship Management, HEY Publiching factory SA
  • Philippe Leopold-Metzger '77, Managing Director, Piaget
  • Stéphane Lury '96, Managing Director, Hagerty
  • Hervé Touchais '85, Asset Management, Edmond de Rothschild Suisse
  • Wilfried Vignon '96, Financial Investment Consultant, WV Financial Services


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The Emergency funds

In response to a growing need for demand and in view of the economic and health situation, EDHEC and its Foundation activated an Emergency Fund last spring. Learn more ➔


Foster diversity

Support the EDHEC For All Scholarship Programme to enable all students in all their diversity to access to the excellence in teaching of the school. Learn more ➔


Foster entrepreneurship

Participate in the financing of the EDHEC incubator based in Paris, Lille and Nice, which supports students and EDHEC graduates who wish to create their own companies. Learn more ➔


Impact companies

Invest in the development of high-level research programmes and benefit from the expertise of EDHEC's research professors in the sector of your company or business..Learn more ➔