“ EDHEC is the school

that drives business performance for future generations,

through its research, its training and the work of its graduates ”

Emmanuel Métais, Dean


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EDHEC has always considered that a quest for excellence is useful when it is applied to the professional world, benefits society worldwide and is accessible to students.
Its historic "Research for Business" positioning and the development of innovative fields of excellence enable EDHEC to offer companies collaborative projects that have an impact on today's challenges: Sustainable Finance, Innovation, Diversity, Health, Tech & Humanities, etc...

It is through the development of interdisciplinary initiatives that we will contribute to the major challenges facing society.

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Teaching must enable students to build a knowledge base and to think by doing, in order to better explore, experiment and decide.

EDHEC has been a pioneer in its teaching methods by developing an innovative approach that puts the company at the heart of the classroom and helps students acquire skills and behaviours through their "Learning by Doing" experience. 

Created 10 years ago, the Teaching Factory*, is a co-construction approach with 30 partner companies, 20 professors, and 2,200 students who work with managers on concrete cases.

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The partnership between Butagaz and EDHEC is virtuous, evolutionary and meaningful. We collaborate closely with a first-rate academic team, guided by the search for impact for our company, the school and the students. In concrete terms, this partnership allows us to delegate certain exploration projects to groups of students, to benefit from cross-fertilization of expertise, to mix theoretical and empirical knowledge, and to recruit talent. As an alumnus, it is a great joy to have been able to actively contribute to weaving this strong link between my company and EDHEC: I therefore invite you to do the same!


EDHEC Master 2004, Responsible for innovation at butagaz



The EDHEC Foundation, together with the teaching staff, actively supports the development of projects with an impact on companies.

You would like to develop an initiative, submit a project or find out more:


Sandrine Pinto

Corporate and sponsorship manager

+33 (0)1 87 89 91 86



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The Emergency funds

In response to a growing need for demand and in view of the economic and health situation, EDHEC and its Foundation activated an Emergency Fund last spring. Learn more ➔


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Support the EDHEC For All Scholarship Programme to enable all students in all their diversity to access to the excellence in teaching of the school. Learn more ➔



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Participate in the financing of the EDHEC incubator based in Paris, Lille and Nice, which supports students and EDHEC graduates who wish to create their own companies. Learn more ➔