Donor of the month - Antoine Kerrinckx, BBA EDHEC '95

Written on 22 December 2021.

I like to imagine the moment when a student receives the news that: yes, they will be able to join one of the best schools in France, Europe and the world, thanks primarily to the recognition of their academic excellence, but also thanks to the solidarity of the Alumni and also, not least, because EDHEC and its management team have succeeded in building the tools that allow us to achieve this today.

The "impact grant" is a wonderful new step, so full of meaning. From the day we met with the Endowment Fund team to discuss my desire to make a second donation, it was obvious.

Imagine that for the equivalent of the budget of a family meal out, per month, for 4 years, you can help make EDHEC accessible to those who have given up hope and yet so deserve it.

That little sparkle in a student's eye, isn't that where the impact begins?

"Make an impact" has never been so real, so human and so accessible to all Alumni!


Antoine Kerrinckx

Atos - Group Senior Vice President

EDHEC Administrator

Silver cercle donor and member of the Impact scolarship fund




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