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Written on 02 May 2022.

Sometimes a few words have more impact than a lengthy speech. These words from a loyal donor went straight to our hearts and we would like to share them with you.
As the younger generation discovers that peace in Europe is no longer a certainty, we reaffirm the importance of education as a fundamental right, a tool for emancipation and an instrument of freedom.
Your solidarity makes our mission possible and allows each student, whatever their chances in life, to be able to study and have a positive impact on the world.
It is all the more necessary as the situation we are facing will further weaken our young students from modest backgrounds.
This is why EDHEC is making three major commitments today:


  • Open our campuses to 50 Ukrainian students regardless of the host programme, by setting up a Special Assistance Fund
  • Expand the EDHEC For All scholarship programme by financing 30 impact scholarships covering at least 50% of tuition fees, for state scholarship holders from level 5 upwards
  • Extend the use of the Emergency Fund created at the time of the health crisis to all students made vulnerable by the situation.


This large-scale scheme requires a budget of €250,000, which we will raise together!
We thank you warmly for your support. We know we can count on you.

Emmanuel Métais
Dean EDHEC Business School


Anne Guillon
Director Foundation EDHEC 

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It is still possible to make a donation by cheque, to be sent to Sabine Courouble à l'EDHEC, 24 avenue Gustave Delory, 59 100 Roubaix.