HOME NEWS DONORS OF THE MONTH: SANDRA AND DAVID ARMSTRONG, EDHEC 1993, PATRONS OF THE EDHEC INCUBATOR AT STATION F Donors of the month: Sandra and David Armstrong, EDHEC 1993, Patrons of the EDHEC incubator at Station F

Written on 19 October 2020.

"It was important for us to support EDHEC as we met there, and we are both direct products of EDHEC. We worked in large French groups before setting up our own company. Today, as we arrive at Station F, we see that EDHEC is one of the leading partners, and this is a great pleasure and a source of pride for us. It is an embodiment of all the values we defend.

We believe in EDHEC, we believe in entrepreneurship, and Station F is this synthesis of the two. We are major donors because we want to thank EDHEC for what we have learned there. Learning is an integral part of the process. It is a way of life, a way of being.

When we arrived at Station F, what struck us most was the fact that EDHEC is a collective project. EDHEC has taught us to succeed together, with great humility and versatility.

Today, it is our turn to give the younger generations a chance to succeed, to create and invent the future, breathing life into their projects in a tangible way”. 

Sandra and David Armstrong,

Master EDHEC 1993,

Patrons of the EDHEC incubator at Station F and Silver Circle donors.